Boost your business with Solar PV

Rooftop solar at M&Co Portishead

How can solar PV help your business?

1. Long-term reductions and greater stability in your energy costs

2. Improved competitiveness and future-proofing as you move towards Net Zero

Many businesses face the twin pressures of sharply rising energy costs together with pressure from supply chain partners and customers to reduce carbon. With installation costs falling significantly over the last 10 years and payback times typically being 5-7 years depending on client situations, there has never been a better time to consider Solar PV.

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A perfect storm of technical and geopolitical issues has pushed energy prices to record levels in 2022 with the obvious consequences for many businesses of higher costs and squeezed profits. At the same time, customers and supply chain partners are increasingly demanding greener products and services.


Business leaders must navigate these issues to insulate themselves from escalating energy prices, while positioning their businesses to succeed in a new, low-carbon world. If they don’t take action then they face losing out to competitors who are seizing the initiative through self-generation to take long-term control of their energy costs and benefit from enhanced green credentials.

Locogen Office

Locogen has been helping companies achieve these goals since 2009. We’ve installed ’00s of commercial solar systems across the UK for SMEs, public sector and corporate clients. We win business based on understanding our clients’ needs, producing sound technical designs and accurate proposals, and by delivering high-quality installations that perform to specifications for decades to come.  By following our ethical principles we can be sure our customers will benefit from strong financial returns and lower carbon emissions.


We offer prospective clients a free site assessment to determine whether solar PV is a good fit for their business and the level of financial and carbon benefits they can expect.

Free Site Assessment: what to expect

Our experienced team will survey your site and study your energy usage patterns to design the most appropriate system for your specific needs. You will then receive a report outlining costs, financial returns and carbon savings.

Why Act Now? 

  • The cost of solar panels has reduced significantly over recent years while, conversely, energy prices have risen steeply. Battery prices are also now falling. There is a window of opportunity before prices start to rise in response to growing realisation of the value of commercial solar.  
  • Until 31st March 2023 profitable UK businesses can claim a special first year capital allowance on solar panels of 50% making solar a highly attractive capital expenditure to reduce your tax bills. 
  • If you are considering EV charging for employee parking then solar is an ideal technology partner to offset the likely increases in daytime power demand.  
  • By investing in solar you will be future-proofing your premises and business processes in relation to energy price fluctuations and, with grid services becoming more flexible, you will be perfectly positioned to generate additional revenue streams.
  • For clients in England you are able to benefit from no increase in your business rates while planning consent is also relatively straightforward given rooftop solar PV has permitted development rights up to 1MW. 

Why use Locogen Energy Services?

We’ve been helping businesses benefit from solar PV and other renewable energy solutions since 2009. In that time we’ve installed ’00s of commercial scale solar PV systems. Our reputation is built on:

  • strong ethical business principles;
  • a depth of technical understanding you would expect from an engineering specialist;
  • a commitment to accurate proposals that do not ‘over sell’ the benefits of solar or ‘over size’ system designs to the detriment of clients returns;
  • high quality installations with excellent warranty terms; and
  • on-going remote monitoring and maintenance support for all operational client sites.

That’s why we deliver a wide range of solar projects to high profile clients across the UK like Police Scotland and Manchester City Council.  For more about our track record please read our case studies and testimonials.

What are the risks?

Our site assessments are free and without obligation so there really is no risk to exploring your options further. At the very least you will gain a better understanding of the impact of installing solar PV at your site. If suitable, you’ll have the option to progress a project to benefit from long-term stable (and lower) energy costs and a reduced carbon footprint – giving you real competitive advantage and meeting government obligations.

How do I fund a project?

  • It is the case that many clients decide to self-fund their solar project either off their balance sheet or through bank loans.  This will generate the strongest returns over the project lifetime and the shortest payback periods. We have a number of asset finance partners that offer alternative loan-based options for solar. 
  • For those not wanting to make an up-front capital outlay, we can offer options for clients to lease a solar installation for a period of years before potentially having the option to buy it back.  Typically this gives you the benefit of discounted, controllable electricity prices to on-site assets while any revenue generated from power exported to the grid is passed to the third party system owner over the lease period.
  • There are a wide range of government and non-government funding programmes to encourage businesses to move to Net Zero and support investment in low carbon technologies. We can offer guidance on which ones are most suitable depending on your situation and location.

Our collaborative approach will ensure you are in safe hands when it comes to independent advice on the range of financial options that suit your situation.

What is the next step?

You can book a free site assessment by clicking the button below and completing the simple form – or call us free on 0800 048 9295

You can also browse our case studies and testimonials and learn a little more about our company.  Locogen Energy Services are part of the wider Locogen Group delivering independent, professional advice to clients and partners at all scales across the UK.