Commercial Rooftop Solar PV

Why install rooftop Solar PV?

Rooftop solar PV offers businesses and organisations the most commercially viable renewable energy technology solution in the current market – and we should know given we work with most of them.  It can also make a major contribution towards controlling your energy costs. It is a mature, reliable technology with little maintenance requirement and a lifespan of up to fifty years. 

Commercial and industrial businesses in the UK have already installed 2GW of rooftop solar PV. Many public sector and community-based organisations have utilised roof space on publicly owned assets like school roofs to generate wider benefits from solar PV.  Yet it is estimated that in the UK there is still around 250,000 hectares of south-facing roofs that are not utilised for solar generation. 


System costs 

The cost of solar panels has fallen dramatically over the past decade. Indeed, according to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), prices dropped by 82% between 2010 and 2019. Such cost reductions are transformational and have radically improved the economics of rooftop solar PV.  As electricity prices rise the case for solar PV grows ever stronger.


Reduced (and Predictable) Energy Bills 

With sunlight the only fuel, solar energy is truly free. So, the more energy you generate on-site with your rooftop solar PV system the less you have to buy from the grid. Once installed, the system has a long service life meaning your business is effectively insulated from fluctuations in energy market prices giving you more predictable, lower energy costs over decades. 


Low maintenance overheads 

Solar panels have no moving parts so experience little wear and tear and are extremely reliable over many years. On-going upkeep is as simple as having the panels washed regularly. 


Environmental impact 

The power generated by solar panels requires no fuel other than sunlight and produces no CO2 or other greenhouse gases. There is no water to be used in cooling and no runoff. Solar panels are also completely silent, with no noise pollution issues to consider. Being roof-mounted, there is also little visual impact and no loss of land for alternative uses. 


Going Net Zero, enhancing green credentials 

Businesses are increasingly facing pressure from environmentally aware consumers looking to make greener choices with their purchases. Similarly, in a B2B environment, there is rising pressure from finance lenders and those further up the supply chain who are moving towards Net Zero and need to bring their suppliers with them. 


Generating your own green energy from rooftop solar PV is an important step towards decarbonising your business, strengthening your brand, winning more business and controlling your energy costs long-term. 

JJ Food Service

250kW solar arrays on two distribution centres. Saving circa 220,000kWh of import, equating to circa £30,000 in running costs per year at each location


500kW array at main headquarters and 30kW arrays at nine retail outlets across the UK. Saving circa 650,000kWh of import across all sites per yr which equates to circa £100,000 in running costs.

Prestige Leisure UK Ltd

250kW solar array on distribution centre. Saving circa 220,000kWh of import, which equates to circa £30,000 in running costs per year.