Commercial Battery Storage

Why Solar PV and Battery Storage?

Storing Surplus Electricity To Optimise Self-Consumption

Battery technology now offers commercial PV generators the ability to store surplus electricity to create new revenue streams and optimise self-consumption. When a renewable energy system generates more power than a site requires, the surplus is spilled back onto the grid with nominal commercial value. By storing your surplus electricity in a battery you can more effectively manage when you sell your power to the grid thereby optimising your revenue stream.  It also means that at times when your energy demand is higher than your generation, you can reduce your reliance on grid-electricity and create significant savings. 

Commercial batteries can be retrofitted to existing solar PV systems or installed as part of a new solar PV project. 


Even if you don’t have a solar PV system but have a high demand for electricity, batteries could still be a viable solution.  They can give you the flexibility to purchase power at lower prices during the night for use during the day (a process known as ‘arbitrage’) helping you control your energy costs. 

Battery Storage for Solar PV

Battery Storage Case Study

Locogen were delighted to win a contract with The City of Edinburgh Council to supply and install roof-mounted solar PV and battery storage technology on existing social housing in Kirkliston, Edinburgh. The main aims of the project were to help the Council reduce their carbon footprint and provide tenants with a saving on energy bills,
hence providing more affordable living. Locogen fulfilled this brief by installing 2.5kW of solar PV and 4.8kWh of battery storage on 107 properties in Kirkliston.