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Commercial Rooftop Solar PV

Over the last decade our Energy Services team has delivered a wide range of solar PV projects from relatively small 50kW roof-mounted systems to multi megawatt ground mount projects.

Our solar PV service covers all elements of consenting, design and installation and we have successfully completed projects for agricultural, retail, industrial, manufacturing and public sector clients.

With decreasing panel prices and the drive for businesses to become net zero, solar PV has become a key technology choice for those looking for affordable, clean power.

Commercial Ground-mount Solar PV

We provide a full range of services for customers to develop and implement ground-mounted solar PV solutions.  These would typically offset power demand from an on-site or local building or other consumption point. These solutions are often termsde ‘behind-the-meter’ solutions where the generation asset and the demand point are connected through a ‘private wire’ arrangement. 

Our sister Locogen Consulting business provides all relevant services for business and organisations looking to develop utility-scale solar farms.

Battery Storage for Solar PV

Commercial Battery Storage

Battery storage is increasingly becoming a common partner to solar installations. Typically, solar panels will generate most of their electricity in the middle of the day. But this may not be when businesses need that power.

Normally, any excess would simply be spilled onto the grid, usually for a fairly modest return. Batteries, however, allow that energy to be stored and used when demand and/or time of use energy prices are higher.

On a larger scale, energy storage of some type, such as battery, pumped hydro, hydrogen or thermal, will play an important role in balancing a grid increasingly dependent on renewables.

Why Locogen Energy Services?

As part of the Locogen Group, Locogen Energy Services has been delivering high quality renewable and low carbon energy solutions since 2009. 

We manage your project right through from initial survey to install and commissioning, guiding you through each step to ensure a smooth project delivery.  We are recognised experts across a wide range of renewables technologies and our in-house design engineers have over 30 years combined experience in the solar sector.

Our in-house installation and O&M teams can provide ongoing support after installation to ensure continued optimal operation.

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