About us


Locogen Energy Services is part of the broader Locogen Group. Founded in 2009, the Locogen Group has grown into a multi-disciplinary set of businesses with offices in Scotland and France. We are widely recognised as independent experts in facilitating the development, construction and operation of on-site and utility-scale renewable energy systems for a wide range of clients. 


Locogen Energy Services is a distinct business within the wider group focusing on the installation of roof- or ground-mounted solar PV systems at commercial scale together with battery solutions, EV charging infrastructure and, where appropriate, direct electric heating solutions.  We provide turnkey design and build contracting services that take a commercial scale project from inception through to completion and, where appropriate, support on-going management of this asset.  We provide our services to a wide range of clients including industrial and commercial businesses, property and energy developers, public sector organisations, social housing providers and community groups. 

Solar panels on industrial rooftop

Our Vision

Our vision is to accelerate the global transition to a world powered 100% by renewables.

We work to realise that vision by delivering renewable and low carbon solutions that deliver viable returns over the long-term for our customers and partners.

Our Values

We strive to deliver a ‘no surprises’ experience for our clients. We do this by offering reliable quotes, designing and installing quality solutions, using staff trained to high standards and delivering the financial returns and energy generation outputs we promised. 

We will not seek to ‘over size’  your solar PV solution to improve our returns at the expense of weakening yours. 

“We will always aim to deliver optimal solutions to meet the short and long term requirements of our clients. Our ethical principles and professional approach mean we will not 'over-size' or 'over sell' our solutions. Our designs and quotes are based on accredited industry standards with the aim to maximise client benefits.”

Douglas Allan, Head of Energy Services

Locogen is committed to treating all staff and suppliers fairly and ethically.  We make our policy statement on Modern Slavery publicly available.